Letter to the Guccione Collection


Dear Guccione,

Your magazine sounds like it has some big-time Potential and I like what I’ve seen on the site so far except for the farewell sentence of your self-description which wishes your readers ever-lasting Comfort. I for one disagree with that Sentiment wholeheartedly and wish any reader of American political journalism who has a Pulse and a Brain a special kind of Discomfort which has the eerie effect of habitual Outbursts at the dinner table and constant incoherent Mumbling at work. Let the System work for itself in all it’s infinite Wisdom and we will be there to push them over the Edge, not Prop them Up.

I have attached two condensed versions of essays written over the past year which will give you a sense of how I like to write. On-site reporting is a job I would also jump at the chance to do as my inquisitive nature seems to be the right fit for that line of work. Overall, I would describe myself as externally respectful, internally fair, and well-mannered. I get into things, but it must be something I have an interest in which is why I don’t apply to small-town or even straight big-city publications.

James Sutton

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