Some Thoughts on America’s Predicament

I think what Barack Obama will ultimately teach us is that the system is woefully antiquated and when you get right down to it, who really cares about “Government” anyway? It will always be eventually over-run by hustlers & pimps and there’s not much anyone can do about it, at least not in the long Run: the scum seems to be on top these days.

What the American Experiment has proven is that ultimate Satisfaction is not in our Nature, and that once one reaches the Top, the only other way to go is Down; and, well, vertical movement is more comfortable than it’s lateral counter-part on most days. Why should we flounder around in frustrated idleness when we can take a death-plunge, howling & screaming the entire way down?

This is what essentially happened to America at the beginning of the millennium. Poor Mr. President(s). Poor Barack Obama. Did he actually think he was going to change anything? For one, he doesn’t have the Balls. I don’t know anyone personally who would want to be President of the United States anyway, but I think for us to get this thing turned around at all we’re going to need someone who is an equal parts combination of Thomas Jefferson, John Kennedy, and George Wallace — someone with so much savvy, charisma/”class”, and moxie, that if they can’t duck or charm the enemy, they turn the switch and stomp the bastard into the ground with a king-hell Fire & Brimstone campaign that ruins the silly fool’s political-life forever. How about that eh? Would that do the trick? Would someone like that make you “Proud to be an American (Where at Least You Know that Johnny Appleseed has your Back)”? You bet it would Billy!

To hell with all this pussy-footing around, arguing over whether we should have a 2% or a 5% tax rate increase or how many tax loopholes should be closed for the Rich. Let’s get down to business and stop all the bickering and nickel & diming! Nobody acts like that when they’re in the midst of a two- hundred story free-fall anyway.

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